Flexible Live Chat Software

Basechat is a hosted live chat solution, aimed at counseling.

The solution is characterized by a high quality chat window, better website integration and more flexibility.

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Website Integration
The Chat Window
Intelligent Queue
Stable Connection
Safety and Privacy
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Website Integration Basechat integrates completely with your websites current design.

The chat entry can be either on a single page, or on all pages.

Your website will show if the counseling is open, closed or occuipied. Openning hours and other information can also be shown. All information is updated instantly and automatically.

The counselor window is webbased, which means that software installation is not needed on counseling computers.

Basechat is easy to use, also for volunteer counselors without much computer knowledge.

The Chat Window The chat window has the same look and feel as users and counselors are familiar with from Facebook, Messenger and Google+.

The visual appearance can be styled in accordance with a draft from a designer.

If needed it is posible to use smileys and send pictures in the chat.

With basechat messages are delivered within 200 milliseconds. This gives a better quality dialog.

Basechat is optimized for smartphones and other mobile devices, e.g. IPhones and Android.

Intelligent Queue Basechat has a unique queue system, made for chat counseling.

The queue allows users to navigate on yours or other websites while waiting.

The queue works like this: When a counselor is avaliable for a chat session, the first user in queue is alerted, and he or she can now contact the counselor. If the user misses the possibility to start a chat, the next user in the queue is given the opportunity. The user who missed the possibility to start a chat is later given a new opportunity.

The queue can automatically close and open in a way that ensures that the total wait is not too long. The queue can also close in a way that ensures that everyone in line can chat before the counseling closes.

Stable Connection Some users have an unstable or very slow internet connection.

Basechat is designed to handle unstable internet connections and ensures that the user does not unnecessarily lose connection to the chat. If the user's internet connection is lost temporarily, Basechat connects again automatically.

If the user loses internet connection permarnently, a message about this is shown to both user and counselor.

Firewalls or so-called proxy servers does not cause problems.

Safety and Privacy Safety is a basic element in Basechat.

The communication is encrypted with SSL-encryption (https).

Besides password protection, access can be limited to the organization's physical address via ip-number.

Basechat is developed in a way so that messages are not stored on a harddisk or in a database, but only exists in the RAM-memory.

Messages are never saved in the browser's cache.

If the user does not manually close the chat window it is closed automatically after a time period.

Basechat does not save ip-numbers, and it is impossible for counselors or employees in the organistaion to identify users.
Stability Basechat is hosted at Amazon EC2 (Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud). Amazon EC2 is widely recognized as one of the world's most stable hosting facilities.

Basechat is developed in Microsoft.NET and works in a way so that the user interface is independent from the underlying basic system. This means that Basechat can be configured to meet your individual needs for functionality and design without sacrificing stability.

Support and Service Basechat is a hosted solution.

We perform the necessary configurations to get the solution to meet your requirements. If there is a need for features not already available, in most cases we can develop them.

Service includes ongoing configuration and change of the solution.